Regarding Code Signing Certificate in installshield...

Posted on Jun 18 2017, 11:05 AM

Requesting some basic info regarding including the code signing certificate in the installshield 2013 to sign our setup.exe file. We had a certificate from Symantec and/or Verisign that expired a few days ago. We believe that the earlier certificate used for code signing was SHA1 based and we had the .pfx for it. We could easily include it in installshield to sign our setup.exe file. So we got a new certificate from them which is a SHA-256 cert from Symantec. However, they won't release the private key. Hence we cannot generate a. pfx file which used to include in our installshield. They say that, here on who ever wants to do the code signing using installshield needs the dongle attached to the computer to get the private key verification done. I don't quite understand what they mean. However, it is clear that they want us to connect with the dongle for private key verification. So if I do not have the pfx file, how can I achieve code signing using installshield 2013? I also read on the Web that the support for SHA-256 certs was not available in 2013 and that one would have to migrate to 2015 or above to do something of that sort. So our team has hit a roadblock with this stupid thing and that our automated build process is failing. 
Hence, request you to provide me any pointers as to how can we get this thing done. 
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