HSTS problem on one computer, can it happen on other?

Posted on May 25 2017, 9:12 AM

Hello, I have a problem maybe someone here can help me out with.

We host websites on dedicated Linux server and use Letsencrypt for SSL.

That works fune, but on bosses Chrome he is getting an SSL error and a warning that "the website uses HSTS" which prevents him from simply going Advanced->visit website. If he deletes a domain at chrome://net-internals/#hsts it works fine, but we have a file sharing system (Owncloud 9) at /files subfolder which still didn't work until he deleted domain.com/files at same screen, and still he wasn't able to log on, as after logging on he was shown same error screen.

The error shows only on his computer and it is Chrome related as everything works fine on Mozilla.

What we would like to know is this: is there a chance that someone else, like a random website visitor or a customer who may try to use shared link, may run into same problem, which would look bad (as it is a SSL error which prevents from viewing a website) and is there something I can look into to fix that server side? Thanks in advance.

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