• VIP Push now available with Symantec Identity: Access Manager

        Oct 20 2017, 9:06 PM

        by Teresa Law 2

        Symantec Identity: Access Manager (SAM) now supports VIP Push and will soon support VIP Login.

        VIP Push

        When we introduced VIP Access Push we told you how much more convenient it is – you automatically receive a Push verification to your registered mobile device upon sign-in, replacing the need for you to manually enter a security code – it’s just a push of a button.  We’ve now taken it one step further and made it available as the login method for SAM.   When combined with the SAM Single Sign-On portal you can now login to ALL your applications in a secure yet user friendly manner.

        VIP Push with SAM2_0_0.jpg

        VIP Access Push uses a challenge-response authentication technique and a 2048-bit asymmetric key to securely and uniquely identify the device and help protect against a security breach. You are notified on your device each time there is a login attempt and have the option to deny any request.  In the event that a mobile device is offline, you will have the option to use the six-digit security code from the same VIP Access app to authenticate. The VIP Access Push feature is supported on iOS and Android platforms.

        VIP Login

        As you can see from the SAM login portal we also offer login using Symantec Managed PKI and are getting ready to support VIP Login.  VIP Login replaces the cumbersome password with a  PIN defined by you.  Passwords get reused and can be difficult to remember, while a PIN is much simpler to remember and is generally not reused – think of your ATM card.

        VIP Login with SAM3.jpg

        Find out more about Symantec Identity Access Manager now visit the website.

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