• Avoid SSL Certificate and Clients May Avoid You

        Oct 14 2014, 8:12 AM

        by The SSL Store™ 0

        Google recently announced the https certificate update to its search algorithm, it will directly impact on your website ranking, if your website carry the SSL Certificate then you will get the “Google Ranking” boost up. But think why Google is giving the more important to websites which has an SSL Certificate let me explain you.


        An SSL Certificate is create a secure layer between your web browser and visitors’ web browsers, and making important data like banking & personal details in encrypted format. As phishing attacks are increasing nowadays, online security is major concern for the world. Google believes that by penalized the websites which don’t have an SSL Certificate, owners of the websites create the benchmark that show users are more likely to visit a websites which are secure with “https” and by this way people become more aware about online web security and the companies are pushing their website with https certificate.

        Any authentic website without an SSL Certificate will see the impact of Google’s update immediately, as they decrease the organic traffic for their website and ranking. This could be disastrous for the online firms who do not upgrade their servers and website with SSL Certificate.

        The decrease is to effectively bury potential ‘scam’ websites at the bottom of search results, as Google believe those without SSL certificates are likely to be run by people looking to mine personal data for spam or fraudulent purposes.

        As we’ve already explained, a low ranking on Google could sound a death knell for online business, which are looking to attract new customers who search for online services or products. If you’re unsure if you have an SSL certificate or not, go to your webpage and look at the address bar.


        If your web address starts with ‘https’ and you can see a padlock symbol in the address bar, like the one above image, then you have an SSL certificate. If you do not see either of these then speak to your web hosts ASAP about upgrading your server as soon as they can.

        If you are new and don’t know anything about SSL Certificates, you no need to worry about it. You can easily buy an SSL Certificate by selecting 3 options through “SSL Wizard”.

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