Most Dangerous Web Application Security Risks

Created on Sep 02 2015, 3:57 AM by Sathya Narayanan Balakrishnan

As everybody know the top 10 dangerous web app security risks:

  1. Injection flaws
  2. Cross - site scripting
  3. broken authentication and session management
  4. insecure direct object reference
  5. cross site request forgery
  6. security misconfiguration
  7. insecure cryptographic storage
  8. failure to restrict URL access
  9. insufficient transport layer protection
  10. Invalidated redirects and forwards

Being an new techie to Symantec and Symantec products, may I know what are Symantec's contributions, updates for these security risks?

May I also ask everyone to kindly share an example of an incident which you may came across in the past, where one of these security risks wasn't detected which ended up in major chaos.

Many thanks

Best regards

Sathya Balakrishnan

Information Security Response Analyst

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