Bridging the Gap between IT and the Business with Next Generation Cloud Security

Created on Mar 09 2015, 2:21 PM by Mike Smart

To those of us that have been brought up in the world of IT, there is nothing scarier than users and lines of business choosing and deploying their own IT.  We’ve labeled it ‘Shadow IT’ because it’s technology that is used in the dark, without the knowledge of the IT Department.

But actually, to the user or the line of business, it’s just innovation. The typically risk-averse IT departments are all about mitigating risk; after all we’ve deployed Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention technologies to mitigate the risk of viruses and intrusions. This attitude of preventing risk is making us unpopular and irrelevant to the business, and this is why they often choose to bypass the IT procurement process.

The fact is, users are more mobile than ever, and are comfortable taking corporate data and storing it on mobile devices or cloud storage applications all in the name of innovation and increased productivity.  Perhaps those of us in IT should find a way to embrace this and at the same time protect the business without imposing impractical policies and process.

To help you bridge the gap, and allow users and the business to adopt flexible working practices that drive innovation through the adoption of mobility, cloud based systems and infrastructure, Symantec has released Identity: Access Manager.  Symantec™ Identity: Access Manager is a next generation access control platform that offers users and administrators control, convenience, and compliance for cloud-based applications.

Access manager starts by using Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) and Symantec Managed PKI to bring integrated single sign-on (SSO) and strong authentication to mobile devices. With Access Manager, users can login one-time using a password, PIN, or even a fingerprint to safely access all of their cloud apps and information. This helps secure mobile devices by eliminating bad password practices and gives your users fast, easy access to the resources they need.

Also, Access Manager provides flexible, easy-to-create connectors and unified identity and context-based access control for virtually any cloud app or service, which means you can enforce your security and compliance policies, log your activities to stay compliant, and ultimately turn those rogue apps into legitimate productivity tools.

Access Manager is every bit as flexible as it is powerful. You can choose to deploy it on-premise or in the cloud, depending on the needs of your organization. And because Access Manager integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, it reduces complexity by providing a convenient central point for managing all of your different user directories.

In summary, there are five good reasons to try Symantec Identity: Access Manager in your environment:

  • Ensures control, convenience, and compliance for public and private cloud applications
  • Enhances security with strong authentication and identity/context-based access control
  • Streamlines compliance auditing by consolidating access logs for protected users and applications
  • Boosts users’ productivity with Single Sign-On – one password grants access to all apps
  • Offers flexible deployment options, choose from on-premise or hosted service

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