Managed PKI Enhanced with Self-Service Portal!

Created on Jun 28 2014, 5:52 AM by Teresa Law

Managed PKI Service 8.11 featuring a self-service portal, administrator enhancements, and updated platform support has been made generally available to customers.

Feature Details

Self-Service Portal

Managed PKI 8.11 provides a Self Service Portal that allows your users to manage their own certificate lifecycle operations (such as viewing, enrolling for, renewing, and revoking certificates, and downloading root CAs).  The new self-service portal will not only improve the user experience, no more waiting for the Helpdesk to address their issue; but it also reduces the burden on IT.   Allowing users to address credential management themselves frees IT to address other strategic issues.  This feature is available to all customers who have Enterprise Gateway.

Support for SHA2

This release establishes SHA2 as the default signing algorithm for existing and new accounts to provide the strongest security available.

Administrator Enhancements

Additional enhancements have been made as we continually improve the user experience of the Administrator and privacy for users.  Enhancements include:

  • If the organization has privacy concerns this release allows the administrator to assign values other than email addresses to seats IDs for cloud Profiles, to uniquely identify users. 
  • Allow administrators to temporarily suspend and resume certificates via PKI Manager.  In this way, if a user forgets his/her smart card, the administrator can temporarily suspend the certificates for this user and then resume the certificates when the smart card is again available.
  • Introduction of a new tool to aid in the import of recoverable Managed PKI 7.x certificates to the Managed PKI 8.x Magnum platform makes migration even easier.

As a cloud offering, all the new features in the Symantec Managed PKI Service are available instantly to existing customers at no additional charge. To learn more about Symantec Managed PKI Service, please visit the website or take Managed PKI for a spin with our free trial.

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    Teresa: could you provide me additional info about the new tool to aid in the import of recoverable Managed PKI 7.x certificates to the Managed PKI 8.x Magnum platform to make migration easier?

    I tried to look for additional info at MPKI 8.11 and 8.12 documentation but I couldn't find any reference to this feature



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    I am a Managed PKI customer that is getting ready to upgrade from MPKI 6.5 to 8.12 or 8.13.  How do I download the software?

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    Create an account and you will be able to download the software from the Resources button