Understanding how Symantecs Vulnerability Assessment Scan service works

Created on Jan 20 2014, 11:58 PM by Dom SYMC

The Vulnerability Assessment (VA) scan is a service that each week performs a scan searching for common entry points for the domain you enrolled in for with a purchase of certain SSL certificates. 

If the scan finds any potential weakness within that domain that if breached could threaten your online security, an e-mail will be sent out informing the technical contact to pick up the results of the scan in a downloadable PDF report highlighting the most critical vulnerabilities if any are found.

The Vulnerability Assessment scan is a service that is available for following account types and products:

VA scan products.JPG

You may have lots of questions or may want to know more regarding the technicalities of the Vulnerability Assessment scan. Such as..

  • What IP address does it scan from?
  • What types of Vulnerability’s does the scan detect?
  • What are its limits? ETC...

The majority of your questions can be answered by visiting the Authentication Services knowledge base article Vulnerability FAQ. Other related articles regarding its technicalities can also be found by visiting the knowledge base article Vulnerability Basics

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