Free trial certificates now available on trusted roots

Created on Dec 10 2010, 6:59 PM by Tim Callan

I'm very pleased to announce that yesterday evening we went live with an important new development in the SSL Certificate industry and a major milestone in the history of the technology. Symantec is now offering full-functioing free trial versions of our SSL Certificates on trusted roots. For many years we've offered a free test certificate version that came with an untrusted root. These certificates are useful for developers who are creating applications, but they don't serve the needs of everyone who would like an SSL trial version. Our new trial versions have trusted roots, which means you can actually stage them in the exact environment you want to run and expect all functionality to work just as they will in final production. But it gets even better. You can put one of our 30-day free trial SSL Certificates onto your production environment, and then after you've satisfied yourself that the certificate is meeting your expectations, you can simply sign up for the service and the existing certificate will continue to function for the next year. That means server administrators don't even have to go back to reinstall production certificates. Just keep the certs you already have in place, and they simply work. Nothing could be easier. How else can you take advantage of our new free trials? As you may know, we've asked our customers what effect they've seen on sales or completed transactions based on including the VeriSign seal or Extended Validation SSL's green address bar on their sites. We've heard from dozens of businesses that have explicitly measured these questions and who on the average have seen a 24% increase in completed transactions due to the VeriSign seal and a 17.8% increase due to the EV SSL green address bar. Nonetheless, I personally have spoken with online businesses on many occasions that would prefer to measure the upside for themselves. Well, now you can. Get a VeriSign SSL Certificate on free trial and test out the seal for yourself. Get an EV cert on free trial and test out the green address bar for yourself. We also released a free trial version of our standalone VeriSign seal. Online businesses that don't need SSL but still want to demonstrate their credibility as genuine, malware-free sites can try out a VeriSign Trust Seal for free as well. And if you don't know what you need, we have a handy comparison page where you can look at all three free trial products side by side to find the right one for you.

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