Whitepaper - Simplify SSL Certificate Management Across the Enterprise

Created on Jun 18 2013, 4:10 PM by Mithun Sanghavi

The need for SSL Certificates has moved well beyond the “buy” page to core functions of the enterprise. SSL Certificates are used to protect remote employee and partner communications via webmail, chat and IM. Browser-to-server communications for cloud-based services require SSL Certificates when used to display customer account information, business partner transactions and for employee productivity tools. Finally, SSL Certificates are used to secure server-to-server communications for applications and data exchange. Managing individual Certificates across a large organization quickly becomes complicated with multiple locations, many divisions, and rapidly growing Web-based services. If an SSL Certificate expires, a company not only loses sales and puts customer confidence in jeopardy, employees and business partners may not be able to do their work or risk exposure of confidential information. Managing SSL Certificates across complex networks to ensure protection and prevent unanticipated expirations has become mission critical to all businesses.
This guide provides five simple steps for IT professionals to take control of SSL across the enterprise, and recommendations for a management platform for full visibility and single-point of  control for these Certificates throughout their lifecycle.
To know more check the attached Whitepaper.

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